ISO 14001:2015 Approach

ISO 14001:2015 is an international standard that gives requirements for an organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS). The ISO 14001:2015 is to prove the organizations have aware of their environment responsibilities. It is very important for an organization to have awareness of the environmental obligations and also reduce the environmental impact towards the organizations. The environmental management system also able to applied for any organizations.

The Responsibilities of the consultant includes:

  • Our consultant will analyze the client current practice against ISO 14001 requirements and after that will provide ISO 14001 Training.
  • After that the consultant will design and establish the documents and plan the implementation activities and including guide the client to conduct management review.
  • Assist in taking the Corrective action and also assist in the closing stages.

Why we need to do so?

    • Improve organization’s reputation – Once you get the ISO 14001 certification, you may enhance your reputation as the stakeholders such as the consumers, communities are interested and knowing that your organization are do really care the environment around your organization. This may enhance your public image, and also enhance the relationship with them.
    • Increase competitiveness in market and increase customer’s confidence – With a well and effective ISO 14001 certification, it not only help the company to increase its reputation, it also enhance the competitiveness of the organization. When the companies become well-known, it attracts more customers and at the end it leads to greater revenue.
    • Achieve International Quality Recognition – ISO 14001 is a worldwide standards, it is also the most recognized and developed environmental management system in the world. The number of ISO 14001 certified organizations are kept on increasing from time to time. It provides a lot of benefits for the organization as nowadays most of them are becoming more aware of their environmental impacts. They are trying to do better in term of manage and control.
  • Stage 1 - Gap Analysis

    Analyse the client current practice against ISO14001 requirements, Environmental Legal requirements and Environmental Aspects and Impacts

  • Stage 2 - EMS Strategic Planning

    Provide ISO14001 training
    Provide Environmental Law training
    Provide Environmental Aspects and Impacts training
    Establish Legal Register and Environmental Aspects and Impacts Lists
    Establish Environmental Objectives, Targets and Programs

  • Stage 3 - EMS Design and Development

    -Establish Env. Procedures and Integrated Quality and Env. Procedures and support documents
    -Establish Env. Manual

  • Stage 4 - QMS Review

    Plan the implementation activities
    Provide internal EMS auditor training
    Guide internal auditor in conducting real audit
    Guide the client to conduct management review
    Conduct Pre-compliance audit
    Assist in taking the corrective action

  • Stage 5 - Close Out

    Assist in closing non-conformances raised by Certification Body

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