AS 9100

AS 9100 is the international management system standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry. This standard provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system for providing safe and reliable products to the aerospace industry. Not only has this, AS 9100 also addressed to civil & military aviation requirements.

AS 9100 is used and supported by the world’s leading aerospace companies and throughout their supply chains. AS 9100 can be used by organizations across the aerospace sector, including design, manufacturing, maintenance and distributing companies.

These standards were developed to produce a harmonized platform to ensure that all operations in the supply chain are adhering to best practice. They include all the existing elements of ISO 9001 and a variety of aerospace sector-specific requirements.

Why we need to do so?

What are the benefits of AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management?

  • Reduce the risk product or service mistakes and fatal failures
  • Demonstrate effective quality management to achieve a license to trade
  • Get a listing in the Online Supplier Information System (OASIS) database
  • Become a preferred supplier and gain customer and stakeholder trust
  • Continually improve and win international growth opportunities.

AS 9100 has key aspects which include safety, airworthiness, product conformity and reliability in the aerospace industry. These quality requirements are crucial to aerospace OEMs, which maintain high levels of liability for their product.

When your organization aligns to the aerospace AS 9100 standard, it not only reaps quality and efficiency benefits, but also is better able to meet customer expectations. Registration can also provide a competitive advantage by:

  • Aerospace Experienced Auditors (AEAs) identifying opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction;
  • Improved audit and surveillance efficiency;
  • Reduced number of customer audits required, and a corresponding reduction in needed resources;
  • Enhanced supplier performance due to higher quality, waste reduction, and a customer satisfaction focus;
  • Streamlined documentation.
  • Stage 1 - Gap Analysis

    Review the existing quality management system Aerospace against AS9100

  • Stage 2 - Design and Development

    Provide AS9100 Understanding training.
    Establish and review First Article Inspection (FAI) with AS committee
    Establish (Configuration Management) CM documentation and AQMS documentation with AS Committee

  • Stage 3 - Implementation

    Provide Implementation planning
    Provide internal ASMS auditor training.
    Assist internal AQMS auditor in performing internal audit and AS Committee in performing management review

  • Stage 4 - Review & Improvement

    Perform pre-compliance audit

  • Stage 5 - Audit & Review

    Certification Compliance audit support

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