MSPO (Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council ) Certification is now becoming well-known around the world as an indicator of quality and its reflect the realities of the palm oil industry. MSPO certification demonstrates your commitment to sustainable palm oil production, so you can meet stakeholder and customer expectations regarding corporate social responsibility. It ensures that you have a good understanding of your supply chain as well as a robust management system, allowing you to increase efficiency while reducing social and environmental impact. Being certified gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you access to international markets.

Under the Ministry’s proposed timeline for obtaining MSPO certification, plantation companies that are already Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified must obtain MSPO certification by 31 December 2018, while companies without RSPO certification will be given more time to obtain the MSPO certification, which is by 30 June 2019.

In the context of Sabah, State Government of Sabah’s decided a 10-year jurisdictional program to have all crude palm oil (CPO) produced from Sabah to be certified as sustainable palm oil or CSPO; in its vision to make the state’s oil palm sector certified in accordance to global standards by 2025. This implementation of MSPO certification will further enhance the image of the Malaysian palm oil industry, improve competitiveness, enhance the welfare of the growers, particularly the smallholders, and form the basis for the branding of Malaysian palm oil.

However, it is good to obtain the MSPO Certification as it is recognized by the importing countries.

“MSPO standard which is developed along the Sustainable Agriculture Practices and the three elements of sustainability – people, planet and profit” –Dr.Ainie (The Star Online)

Besides, Cambridge Management Sdn.Bhd. is also the registered MSPO Trainer as well.

Why we need to do so?

The MSPO standards cover following areas:

  1. Transparency
  2. Management commitment and responsibility
  3. Compliance to legal requirements
  4. Social responsibility, safety and employment conditions
  5. Best practices
  6. Development of new plantings
  7. Environment, natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystem services

The multi-step procedure for MSPO certification includes both audits and peer reviews. These assure that best practices are consistently being followed.

  • Stage 1 - Gap Analysis

    Review on existing implementation to benchmark against MSPO

  • Stage 2 - Policy, Documentation and Assessments

    Establishment of Documents Based on Legal and Specific Requirements
    High Conservation Value & Social Impact Assessment

  • Stage 3 -MSPO Training

    MSPO Awareness and Implementation Training

  • Stage 4 - Implementation

    MSPO Implementation Planning
    Internal MSPO audit support
    MSPO management review support

  • Stage 5 - Audit & Review

    Assist during MSPO audit and closure of any non-conformity raised by the CB

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