IETS Troubleshooting Through Performance Monitoring Data Interpretation (2 Days Training)

  • May 27 – 28, 2019
  • The Pearl Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Awarded 12 CPD by Environment Institute Malaysia (EiMAS)


Environmental management has been an integral part of operations and its importance cannot be overemphasised. Typically, industries will discharge some form of effluents. Industrial effluents vary significantly in pollution characteristics hence different unit processes and unit operations are utilized to treat them. Industrial outfits discharging industrial effluents are required to build and operate industrial effluent treatment systems (IETS) in accordance with the Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluents) Regulations 2009. IETS is a rather complicated industrial system involving various equipment and processes which required monitoring and maintenance to ensure it produce desired result.

This two-day training program focus on Performance Monitoring of Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems’ is aimed at imparting knowledge to participants on how to monitor and maintain industrial effluents treatment system.

Course Objectives

  • Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
    • Define the most commonly applied wastewater treatment technologies for industrial wastes and classify the technologies based on the conventional series of primary, secondary, tertiary, and in-plant treatment.
    • Define cleaner production and explain the advantages and disadvantages of applying cleaner production activities.
    • Implement industrial water audit, management strategies for pollution prevention on a selected industrial sector.
    • Define industrial effluent toxicity and identify problems associated with industrial effluent toxicity.
    • Illustrate how to measure industrial effluent toxicity and explain alternatives to deal with toxic effluent streams.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for:

Environmental Executives, Engineers, Maintenance & Facilities Managers, Supervisors and those who are required to work with industrial effluent systems and waste water treatment plants

2019-5-27 2019-5-28 Europe/London IETS Troubleshooting Through Performance Monitoring Data Interpretation (2 Days Training) The Pearl Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
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