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Victims of toxic fumes at Johor school share their experiences

8th March 2019 | Friday | Lead Souce: The Star Online

Dr Surya said a total of 39 victims have been receiving treatment from Hospital Sultan Ismail, including a canteen operator, a teacher, a nurse, an ambulance driver, a doctor as well as those living near Sungai Kim Kim.
Johor Health director Dr Selahudden Abd Aziz had, in a press statement, advised those living near Sungai Kim Kim to take preventive safety measures and avoid any activities near the river…

DOE suspects factory waste behind toxic fumes at river

10th March 2019 | Sunday | Lead Souce: The Star Online

The Department of Environ­ment (DOE) is facing a daunting task of identifying the culprit behind the chemical waste dump in Sungai Kim Kim here, which led to 79 people being treated after breathing in hazardous fumes.

The department believes that the waste might have come from some 30 factories located within the industrial area…

Deputy Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment Minister Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis said this was the conclusion made based on the chemical samples collected by the DOE from the river.

Three men arrested over chemical waste dumping in Johor

11th March 2019 | Monday | Lead Souce: The Star Online

Three men, including two company owners, have been arrested in relation to the chemical waste dump in Sungai Kim Kim here, which led to 79 people being treated after inhaling hazardous fumes.

State Department of Environment (DoE) director Datuk Dr Mohammad Ezanni Mat Salleh said the arrest was conducted in a joint operation between DoE and the police…

Causing a real stink

12th March 2019 | Tuesday | Lead Souce: The Star Online

Images of dead fish and black smelly water are closely associated with Sungai Kim Kim in Pasir Gudang now because of the chemical waste that was illegally dumped there last Wednesday.

One of the most affected villages in the area is Kampung Bukit Pulai, where the river runs beneath the village main road that connects Kota Masai and Taman Pasir Putih…

Jumlah mangsa terhidu gas kimia berbahaya terus meningkat

13th March 2019 | Wednesday | Lead Souce: BH Online

Puluhan ambulans dilihat bertali arus memasuki Dewan Komuniti Taman Pasir Putih, di sini, sejak jam 10 pagi tadi membawa pelajar yang dipercayai terhidu gas kimia berbahaya.

Antara sekolah yang dipercayai terjejas termasuk Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) dan Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Taman Scientex, yang terletak kira-kira 11 kilometer dari kawasan pembuangan sisa kimia berbahaya di Sungai Kim Kim.

Difahamkan, pelajar dari SK Taman Bukit Dahlia dan sekolah Taman Rinting turut dikejarkan ke Dewan Komuniti Taman Pasir Putih bagi mendapatkan rawatan kecemasan.

Suasana panik dilihat di pintu masuk dewan berkenaan apabila beberapa ibu bapa yang datang diminta tidak masuk ke dalam dewan bagi membolehkan rawatan segera diberikan kepada pelajar terbabit…

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