4 Benefits to prove the importance of Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics?

Workplaces traditionally have been designed to move products or support machines efficiently. Since people have always seemed so adaptable, how they fit into the workplace has received less attention. But because of the increasing number of injuries caused by repetitive motion, excessive force and awkward postures, ergonomics has become a critical factor in workplace safety.

Ergonomics removes barriers to quality, productivity and human performance by fitting products, tasks, and environments to people in order to reduce the risk of developing a musculature disorder.

Benefits of workplace ergonomics

  • Ergonomics Improves Productivity..

If the workplace becomes more comfortable and efficient, it definitely will improve the productivity! The best way to do so is to have a good posture, fewer posture when preforming task.

  • Ergonomics helps to reduce risks..

An Ergonomic workplace helps to reduce the chance of workers getting injured and at the same time reduce the absenteeism of employees and increase their involvement.

  • Ergonomics helps company to reduce costs..

Cost Savings? YES! other than reduce the chance of workers getting injured it also indirectly affect the injury cost of workers.

  • Ergonomics create a better working environment and safety culture..

Focus on Ergonomics shows that your company’s commitment to health & safety as a core value and it will helps your company to build a stronger safety culture and protect your most valuable assets -Employees.


“Basic Ergonomic Training” done by us !

(1st – 2nd November 2017) (X-Limit Learning Hub,Kepong, KL)

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Good Comment

  • “★★★★☆”-Mr.Mogan
  • “★★★★★, Control measure of ergonomic issue session is helpful and relevant!”-Ms.Iznie
  • “★★★★☆, Group Discussion Session is relevant and helpful!” –Mr.Mohd Yaacob
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