Safety & Health Technical Report Writing (2 Days Training)

  • May 7 – 8, 2018
  • X-Limit Learning Hub (CMCT's Training Centre)


Technical reports are your company’s main tool to enable and support critical decision-making. If you are proposing a course of action – either within your company or to an interested party – the report you write will be its best advocate.

The result is that, too often, technical writing has a flat style making documents difficult and tedious to read. Complex writing results in a waste of time, lost contracts and alienated customers – in other words, a loss of money.

It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately. This course encourages writers to be efficient and logical in their use of words, ensuring that the purpose of each component is understood and achieved.

Besides, this course contains workshop, which focuses on the real challenge – to express complex ideas simply. This entails anticipating the needs of readers and supplying whatever context may be needed to understand the meaning, relevance and importance of what is written. It concentrates exclusively on the skills you need to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective.

Course Objectives

  • At the end of the programme, participants are able to:
  • Analyze your audience and tailor the content to their specific needs
  • Gather data efficiently and select the relevant information for your readers
  • Use best practice in structuring your document
  • Choose words that support your message and don’t distract your reader
  • Assess the best places to use graphics, and choose the right image to support your content
  • Edit your draft for maximum impact
  • Organize reports and plan the sections and subsections you need.
  • Fully understand the steps in writing a report
  • Understand the principles of clear and concise writing
  • Develop effective communication with technical as well as non-technical staff at all levels – matching your content to your readers’ knowledge.
  • Keep information specific rather than general.
  • Collect, organize, analyze and evaluate information
  • Appreciate the use of active verbs rather than passive verbs.
  • Edit wordy phrases – using simple words rather than complex ones
  • Keep technical terms to a minimum – avoiding jargon, acronyms and abbreviations
  • Use examples and illustrations.
  • Transfer technical information into graphs, flowcharts and tables.
  • Use good layout to draw attention to key technical information.

Who Should Attend

This course is design for executives or officers, who feel reasonably need to improve and develop their skills in technical report writing such as: Engineers; Safety & Health Officers, Line Engineers / Executives, Leader / Supervisors, other Non-technical staffs or committee secretary.

Pre-Requisite:  Participants must have a basic level of English Proficiency and some knowledge of report writing.

Complete the Registration Form and fax or email for reservation. All registrations will be confirmed ONE WEEK before the commencement of the course.

Ms. Shima / Ms. Heng / Mr. Ken / Ms.Wendy
(Tel: 03-6241 5211/ 016-226 4799/ 016-2298995)
Email: Fax: 03-6259 5455

2018-5-7 2018-5-8 Europe/London Safety & Health Technical Report Writing (2 Days Training) X-Limit Learning Hub (CMCT's Training Centre)
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